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architecture + feng shui

Creating space for the life you desire.

Small Home Design

Ar-Chi-tecture, LLC is an Akron based architecture firm, featuring the work of NCARB certified architect, Danielle Kovach Gilbert, who is licensed in Ohio and South Carolina. We specialize in smart residential home & small business commercial design and have built our reputation on creating spaces that are as beautiful as they are efficient.


The client is at the heart of our design process.  We listen, seek to understand your goals, find solutions, craft visions & design spaces that will not just look & feel great, but will work for you on a deep, intuitive level long after our job is finished.


Ar-Chi-tecture offers both traditional architecture & feng shui services. Whether you are building, remodeling, or seeking to improve the space you're currently in, Ar-Chi-tecture has a way to make your vision a reality.  



"Danielle's greatest asset is that she intuits what people are looking for and she does it very creatively and leaves any of HER preferences out...she listens wonderfully well and she gave us more well designed space than we ever could have imagined...also, her pricing compares most favorably to other architects.  She is extraordinarily accessible, she is fast!!"


- Holly Cunningham

Detail - Oriented

"Danielle has so many strengths, but some of the ones that stand out to me are the following:


  1. Upon our initial meeting, she wrote everything down that we said we wanted/did not want. Everything!!

  2. She stayed in touch with us during the entire process.

  3. She was very detail oriented.

  4. Where changes were made due to budget, she let us know and showed us in the house as it was being built.

  5. Every time we came in from Philadelphia, she always made herself available to us at the house."


- Marian Hammer

Danielle Kovach Gilbert


Feng Shui Architect



Danielle Kovach Gilbert, NCARB, is the founder

and lead architect of Ar-Chi-tecture, LLC. A

licensed architect and Feng Shui consultant

and teacher, Danielle specializes in residential

home and small business commercial design

that intuitively enhances the wellbeing of


Danielle has a passion for energy-conscious

design & has developed a strong intuitive

understanding of architectural space through

her study of Feng Shui principles. While she

seeks to empower the personality & life path

of the client, she also works to be a conduit for the

inherent energy of the land/space so that she can unite these intentions for the optimum solution. 


Learn more about Ar-Chi-tecture, LLC and Danielle Kovach Gilbert.

Danielle Kovach Gilbert

Small Home Design

Small homes are on the rise in the US, as people are increasingly attracted to the benefits of...


  • Down-sizing

  • Conservation & environmental responsibility

  • Financial freedom

Click Here to learn about ar-chi-tecture's small home design services.


"Danielle helped give us an overall perspective of the space/room, so that we could decorate and place our furniture and decor with a purpose. She also helped me to set up my space so that it's more comfortable and functional.  Overall, it "feels" much better!"


-Angie and Ghatam Ghatnekar

What is        ?


In Feng Shui philosophy, "Chi" is energy...


The energy that exists in all things.


The goal of Feng Shui is to positively impact the energy of one's environment, so the "chi" flows smoothly, blessing & benefiting the highest good of those living and working in a given space.


Ar-Chi-tecture.  Design for good.

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