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Architecture Planning & Consulting Services

Every project begins by sitting down with a client, so that we can get to know one another and establish the goals and expectations of the project. Aside from the initial meeting and consultation, there are several other architectural services provided.


They Include:


Site Analysis & Feasibility Study:

This includes researching, understanding, and addressing pertinent building codes, zoning regulations, and design review board covenants (if applicable). This service helps clients arrive at a realistic budget estimate by leading them through a discussion about design approaches as they relate to said regulations. Identifying the hierarchy or priorities between budget, square footage, and level of finish will also help drive the design process.


Program Development:

This service helps our design clients create a list of the types of rooms they want, including their sizes, and their relationships with each other. The proposed budget, site analysis, and feasibility study will be guiding forces in shaping the program. Following the initial discussions, we will produce an outline of the scope of the proposed project.


Conceptual Design / Renderings/ 3D Modeling:

With these services, conversations and ideas take literal shape and form. Our initial design meeting will involve a brainstorming session, studying how to overlay the site analysis, feasibility study, and program with the client’s vision at the helm. We will use sketches, renderings and 3D modeling to facilitate a dialogue about the direction of the design. This is when the overall design is defined.


Bidding Process Management:

We can serve as the primary point of contact and project manager for hiring for your build. We can advise you every step of the way, from collecting contractor references, interviewing bidders, bid evaluation, and contractor selection.


Design Development:

Once the preliminary bidding process has been completed and a contractor has been selected, revisions will be made to the drawings per any budget adjustments and/or further explorations of fine tuning the selected design. If a design review board is involved, these plans and elevations will be the first submittal. This is also when other consultants are brought on to the design team (i.e. landscape designer/architect, structural engineer, mechanical/plumbing/electrical engineers (as necessary), interior designers, etc.). Our experience is that the sooner the team is assembled, a better end product will be delivered.

Municipality/Design Review Board Submittals:

Once the overall design is selected, any required municipality and design review board submittals will managed. This service covers research, interface, and submittals to the zoning department, design review board and/or homeowners association (if applicable), and the building department. We will provide all progress reports and documentation required by municipalities until the submittal process is completed.

Interior Design/Feng Shui:

The interior design portion of the services typically occurs concurrently to the design development process. Items that fall within this scope include: paint colors, flooring, interior trim, wall finishes, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry/built-in design, counter tops, appliances, and interior doors & hardware.

Final Design Development:

With this service, we finalize all design details and provide drawings and specifications for the selected contractor. This service refines the design for a clear definition of the scope and quality of the finished project. This is also the time when the final design is coordinated with the consultant(s) drawings.


Construction Document Generation:

One of the most important elements of your architect's services is the construction documents. The set of drawings will be per what’s required for the municipality of that site. These documents are required to obtain building permits and serve as a guide to the contractor and subcontractors. The documents include the final design drawings, specifications, and any additional details per the submittal and final pricing process. The selected contractor will use these documents for final pricing and the contract price. They will also be submitted to the local building department to acquire a permit.


Construction Contract Administration:  

In this phase, we act as your agent and advocate, keeping your interests in the forefront, keeping you informed of the project's progress and overseeing any changes or issues that may arise. We will ensure that everything is proceeding in accordance with the contract and design, while ensuring quality workmanship.

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