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Danielle Kovach Gilbert, NCARB, is the founder & lead architect of Ar-Chi-tecture, LLC. A licensed architect and Feng Shui consultant/teacher, Danielle specializes in residential home and small business commercial design that intuitively enhances the wellbeing of clients.

Danielle has a passion for energy-conscious design & has developed a strong intuitive understanding of architectural space through her study of Feng Shui principles. While she seeks to empower the personality & life path of the client, she also works to be a conduit for the inherent energy of the land/space so that she can unite these intentions for the optimum solution.

The results are custom, well-designed spaces that come alive on every level -- feeling larger, more spacious, and more harmonious while meeting the unique needs & desires of every client.

Although Ar-Chi-tecture, LLC is an Akron based Architecture firm, Danielle works with custom home clients across the US, and offers a range of architectural services to manage various stages of the design, review, and construction process. She speaks nationally on the practice of Feng Shui in residential homes, offices & commercial space designs.


Private client feng shui consultations are available for existing and new residences & commercial buildings. Recently, she's begun development on a series of small home plans that demonstrate the positive impact that Feng Shui principles can make in small space design.

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