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Feng Shui Services

Ar-Chi-tecture is uniquely qualified to consider the optimal use of space. We do this by implementing our expertise in the ancient art of Feng Shui -- the balancing of energy within areas, both outdoor and indoor, by design. There are many services we offer for our Feng Shui clients, many of which can be incorporated in your architectural project.


They Include:


On-site Consultations:

An on-site consultation is a thorough analysis of your home (or office) and property. Services include assessing: site shape and relation to the road, influences of adjacent properties, the building’s position on the property, the overall house floor plan(s), and the layout of each room. We can unite your intention with natural flow to bring these forces into harmony and enhance your spaces peace, flow and energy so you can concentrate on what matters. You will receive a typed report of our meeting notes, including recommended “remedies.”


Building Site Analysis:

If you are looking to build on property, we can analyze the site with your personal goals and qualities in mind along with Feng Shui principles. Let us highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your potential build sites from both an architectural and Feng Shui perspective.


Home Staging:

Are you a realtor or home seller? We offer staging through Feng Shui principles to help sell your home. Sellers often hire third parties to stage and organize properties to attract buyers. We use Feng Shui principles to enhance curb appeal, highlight the unique beauty of your home, and to enhance the flow and feel of the home to attract a buyer.


Organization & Design Implementation:

Many times, after consultation, clients have trouble finding the time to implement recommendations. That’s why Ar-Chi-tecture has extended our Feng Shui services from simply providing consultation and design ideas to offering on-hand organization and implementation of the proposed interior design.

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