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The Little House on Berry Hill

New Construction


The client wanted to downsize by design and bought the perfect piece of property. As an avid kayaker, she choose land by a creek where she could drop in and paddle to marsh creeks.


The 750 sq. ft house was build to prioritize views of the nature and creek while also honoring frontage street side. When building a small home, it is essential to make every square inch count and the greatest compliment, which we received was, “This house doesn’t seem like it’s only 750 sq. feet!”


We managed to make it look and seem larger through use of  multipurpose room design, built ins, and by taking advantage of vertical space. It’s also key to emphasize the indoor to outdoor relationship connection in a small home to create a feel of seamless expansiveness, which is  done through lots of windows and large doors that give the feel of (or literally) access the outdoors.


For example, we built a 12-ft sliding glass door between living area and screened in porch with the idea that the porch becomes an extended living area in appropriate seasons. We sought a seamless transition from indoor to semi outdoor to completely outdoor spaces.

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