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Old Mount Pleasant

ION Development

New Construction


The Old Mt. Pleasant home was a new construction project in the ION development in Mt. Pleasant South Carolina. All houses in the ION development represented the Neo traditional style found in historic Charleston.


This client wanted a sustainable and green home and adored the old trees on the purchased lot. It was essential to the client that no big beautiful old trees be removed from the property. So we took on the challenge and designed the house to fit the trees and yard.


The complement we received repeatedly on this build was, “How did you get the home to fit these trees so perfectly?”


The challenge of building around trees, beyond the house design itself, is factoring in where the root systems of the trees are underground so that the home build never encroaches or compromises tree health.


As we designed the home, around the trees, we made sure the client had multiple porches to enjoy their beloved outdoor space. We made a main living space master suite in an offshoot corridor of the home connected to one of the porches. The couple also each wanted their own individual spaces for working and relaxing and so we flanked each end of the main house with private area offshoots. Whenever possible, we used green materials and the home was heated with geothermal heat.

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