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Custom home design, rennovation, & remodeling projects. Contact Us now for an initial consultation and estimate.

Little Red House on Berry Hill

54 Saturday Rd, I'On

62 Salthouse, Kiawah Island


“ Danielle's greatest asset is that she intuits what people are looking for and she does it very creatively and leaves any of HER preferences out...she listens wonderfully well and she gave us more well designed space than we ever could have imagined...also, her pricing compares most favorably to other architects.  She is extraordinarily accessible, she is fast!!”

- Holly Cunningham

15 Perseverence St, I'On


“Danielle has given us guidance through the entire process of building a house from start to finish. She has been a great help in the builder selection process by being able to ask builders “building” type questions that we do not know in order to help make informed comparisons. She is also very good at deciphering “builder speak” and defining terms as we have gone through this process. She listens to what we want and she has been able to help us figure out what we wanted when we were not really sure what that was. The result is a home that is on budget and a dream come true”

- Becky and Jim Madory


15 Georgetown, I'On

19 Isle of Hope, I'On

Old Mt. Pleasant


I live in a house that functions seemlessly within my lifestyle and beautifully encompasses my preferences and tastes.

"In my first meetings with Danielle, she listened intently to my ideas and looked at numerous pictures that reflected my tastes.  She visited my land and developed a vision for the house to become part of the experience, as opposed to overwhelming it.

"Danielle suggested and incorporated many, many features that make the house special and MINE. She added details that I never thought of but which significantly increase my enjoyment and comfort.

"My house has reduced the time demands on my life because it is simple and it operates as I do.  We were able to meet my financial budget, so I am not stressed about finances.

"My home is a place of safety and recovery, which allows me to give more to my vocation and relationships.  I heal and recharge in this wonderful home so my life is more full!  I now live in a home that is so much more than I imagined it could be because I had Danielle working with me."

- Sue


Home Addition, 131 Gadwell St.




Danielle was invaluable when there were multiple levels of approvals that we had to “jump through” in order to get the “go ahead” for our remodeling project. We were remodeling our condo on one of the barrier islands, but we live out of state—we needed the condo regime to approve the plans.  Danielle was tenacious in helping us get the necessary approvals; she had to go to extraordinary lengths on our behalf, but the results were amazing!  Our original plan needed to be adapted because of structural issues that were not apparent until the studs were exposed, and she made the necessary changes very quickly.  Danielle was always available to talk with us throughout the project when we had questions.  The design flow of our remodeled condo is extraordinary—we are thrilled with the results of the project, and love spending time in our South Carolina sanctuary!  We recommend Danielle Gilbert enthusiastically!"

- Karla and Dale Mugler

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