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Shelmore House

ION Development

New Construction


The Shelmore House was a new construction project in the ION development in Mt. Pleasant South Carolina. All houses in the ION development represented the Neo traditional style found in historic Charleston.


This particular home is a three story design with tall ceilings, two porches, and one car garage and office. The challenge of this property was the narrow site that positioned the home close to the neighbors property. While close to the neighbors on one side, the site has the benefit of being next to a park on the adjacent lot.


The design focus was what we call two axis, meaning the house was built with two centered views -- one of the street and one of the beautiful park. We also took great care to connect the interior of the home to the adjacent lot’s green space, so the owners would have the impression of the yard seamlessly blending into the park.  


The two porches were built to catch the prevailing winds and the space between the garage and the office at the back of the property were connected by a lush courtyard.

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